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The phonograph disk.

Often said to be finished as a medium, only the phonograph disk offers practically unlimited preservation of an audio document, and lends such documents an individual, tangible value. Cutting is the fundamental component of phonograph disk production. It is the decisive element that determines whether an audio production will be transferred to disk in a way that is true to the original, in the manner desired by the artist or producer.
The Schallplatten Schneid Technik GmbH company combines
• well-founded specialist expertise,
• the most recent and proven technology,
• interest in understanding customer requirements, and
• over 50 years of experience as a professional cutting studio.
These factors provide the best preconditions for ensuring optimal performance of the sensitive cutting process. On the other pages of this website we have provided a range of information, so that you can become familiar with us and with the disk cutting process. However, we will also be glad to answer your questions via telephone or e-mail!