Schallplatten Schneid Technik GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

The SST company

In 1969, engineer Albert Brüggemann founded the company Schallplatten Schneid Technik Brüggemann. Thanks to his primary occupation as an audio and measurement engineer at Hessischer Rundfunk, he had the experience and knowledge necessary to establish a phonograph disk cutting studio that was able to meet professional requirements from the beginning. Since the order volume soon exceeded the capacity of a studio operated on a part-time basis, in 1971 Albert Brüggemann’s wife Christa became involved in cutting technology and took over all of the work arising in the cutting studio. The studio, which has always remained independent, quickly acquired an excellent reputation even beyond the borders of Germany, for the fidelity of the sound transferred to disk. Large record companies such as CBS, Bellaphon, Bertelsmann/BMG and others had their more demanding productions cut here, even though – until the introduction of the CD – as a rule they had their own cutting studios. Some artists and producers also took and continue to take advantage of the opportunity to be present during cutting – not in order to control the procedure, but in order to test the production once more by listening to it under the neutral monitoring conditions provided here. In 1994 a second, fully equipped cutting studio was set up, which has been operated for the past several years by the skilled precision engineer, electronics specialist and musician Daniel Krieger. 
In 2011, Christa and Albert Brüggemann began their well-deserved retirement, and Daniel Krieger took over the direction of the company.
The SST Brüggemann company has always used complete cutting equipment from the manufacturer Georg Neumann/Berlin. Over the years, several developments in audio studio and cutting technology took place there in close collaboration with SST.

The latest generation of Neumann disk cutters is installed in both studios; one of the machines is in fact the last ever made by Neumann. In addition to cutting phonograph disks, SST continues to be engaged in maintaining and further developing disk cutting technology. In this regard, close collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Götz Corinth (Mainz) in the development of new and enhanced cutting heads should be mentioned, as well as the investigation of general and specific, theoretical and practical questions in the field of electroacoustics. The straightforward, collegial contact between SST and pressing facilities facilitates extremely useful mutual suggestions and support in questions of technical development, quality control and quality assurance; for customers this means a fast, straightforward procedure from cutting to pressing.